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Synergy Boost

Synergy Boost


Infinity Wax Synergy Boost is a snowfoam lance applied ceramic sealant concentrate that provides incredible performance from very low dilutions.

Synergy Boost uses a new type of Si02 polymer which was designed in late 2021, this MQ resin polymer provides unrivaled performance in the wet coat sealant class and has an additive to prevent water spotting, something that is a common problem with other lance applied sealants.

Synergy Boost gives insanely hydrophobic performance from a fast and easy application, some have likened its performance to that of a ceramic coating in terms of beading and sheeting. This is ideal for maintaining your already coated car or for a fast and easy way to protect your uncoated vehicle. In addition it can be used to seal under vehicles and braking components to prevent rust ingress on a short term basis.

Synergy boost is quite simply the easiest way to protect your paint, wheels, glass and any other external surface. Apply directly to a wet and clean vehicle, followed by rinsing to provide up to 3 months protection. The best part is you can achieve this from only 1.25ml per vehicle!