Wide Mouth SnowFoam Lance

Wide Mouth SnowFoam Lance


We first introduced Snow Foam lances into the market way back in 2008 and are still one of the first accessories in the basket for any detailing enthusiast or professional. Using a snow foam lance as part of your pre-wash process can really help cut down your chance of swirl marks. Simply fill the measured container at a ratio of approximately 1:10 (depending on your choice ofsnow foam) and cover the car in a blanket of rich foam, allowing to dwell before jetting off. This process removes the heaviest of the dirt, so when you do come to wash there is far less dirt and grit to potentially inflect those nasty swirls.

Our Wide Mouth Snow Foam Lance features the traditional adjustments for mixture and snow foam spread. The top knurled knob on the snow foam lance allows you to change the aeration/viscosity of the foam whilst the nozzle collar adjusts the foam concentration and spread (wide, thick foam to narrower, thinner foam).


  • Tech Specs

    Snow Foam Lance Specifications

    • Micrometric detergent regulator screw with EPDM 70 seal and AISI 303 stainless steel bolt.
      Detergent dispenser made of shock-resistant plastic, AISI 304 stainless steel “duck-bill” foam diffuser, fan spray from 0° to 40°
    • “Lozenge” for producing the foam, made of pressed AISI 304 stainless steel wires
    • 1L polyamide detergent tank with non-deformable increased thread
    • Brass body
    • Nozzle made of AISI 304 Stainless steel
    • Brass injector housing

    Tech. features

    • Inlet: G1/4” F
    • Rated pressure: 160bar
    • Working pressure: 180bar
    • Max flow rate: 20l/min
    • Temperature: 60°C
    • Nozzle: ø1.25mm;