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This creates a stunning, glossy and deep finish to your vehicles paintwork. Alongside this, you will benefit from easy future maintenance due to the slick surface we create.


Car Detailing is a process whereby we protect and enhance your car by using various stages of machine polishing and ceramic coatings.


You can rest assured knowing your car is in safe hands. We are the only Synergy Pro Authorised Detailers located in Aberdeen, Scotland.





Spread your payments over 4 months to GO ALL OUT & tie it into your budget.

Detailing Services: Welcome


1. An extra layer of protection for your vehicle. For instance, the sun can do a lot of damage to your vehicle over time, the coating helps to protect from UV to stop fading.


2. Your car will be more durable. With the extra layer of protection, a ceramic will help make your car and its paint much more durable. Making it much easier to take care off and have that showroom gloss finish.


3. The Ceramic Coating repels mud and dirt. If you live in an area with high level of contaminants, or you travel a lot on country roads, a ceramic will help keep your vehicle cleaner in between washes. Of course you will still need to carry out a contact wash, but it wont get as dirty as quickly.


4. Your car will be easy to clean. Thanks to the repellent nature of the coating, the dirt and grime wont be able to bond with your car meaning you want need to give it an intense wash.


5. Your car will look like new! We all love the way a new car stands out, The way the paint glistens under the sun is truly magnificent. The ceramic coating will help keep that showroom shine and will look like you have spent the whole day waxing it. Once you have had a coating, you do not need to wax or polish the car as the coating traps in the gloss we enhanced with the polishing stage. 


6. It is cost-effective. While you may end up spending a bit more on a ceramic coating, compared to a standard wax, the benefits greatly outweigh those methods. Again, A ceramic coating helps protect your car from a variety of different kinds of damage, damage that can easily become expensive to fix. Spending the money to prevent that damage is often much cheaper than spending the money to repair it.


Well there you go, 6 good reasons why to protect your investment. There is still a long list of benefits on a coating. We will discuss all the options and extra benefits when quoting your car. Looking to set up an appointment to get your car fully protected? Then contact us today!

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